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TCR Episode #114 | MP Woodward - THE HANDLER

May 3rd, 2022

An exciting new voice in espionage fiction joins the Crew as former naval intelligence officer M.P. Woodward sits down with the boys to discuss his acclaimed debut, THE HANDLER. NYT Bestselling author Mark Greaney calls it “a brilliant thriller… one you don’t want to miss.”


A disgraced former CIA operative must go back in the field with only his ex-wife as his handler in this electrifying thriller from a former intelligence officer.

Meredith Morris-Dale is a CIA case officer and a damn good one…even if this last mission did go terribly wrong. Now she has been summoned back to Langley where she expects to be fired. Instead, she is met by the Deputy Director with stunning news. 

A single well-placed CIA mole in Iran’s uranium enrichment program has kept the terrorist nation from building a bomb by sabotaging the performance of their covert centrifuge arrays. But after losing his daughter in an airliner shootdown, the mole wants out—leaving the world on the brink. His one demand: a reunion with the only handler he ever trusted, John Dale—Meredith’s disgraced, fired, wayward ex-husband. As Meredith and John struggle through their fraught relationship, a craven CIA political hierarchy, Russian interference, and the rogue spy’s manipulation, they must reach deep within their shared connection to maintain, recover, or kill the asset.



“A spectacular tale, brimming with intrigue, suspense, and richly-drawn characters. Fantastic storytelling.” 
—Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy Chain of Command



M.P. Woodward is a former naval intelligence officer with the U.S. Pacific Command. In multiple deployments to the Persian Gulf and the Far East, he worked alongside U.S. Special Forces, CIA, and NSA. Woodward recently stepped down from heading international distribution marketing for Amazon Prime Video, having launched Amazon’s original video content in more than forty countries. He developed the international distribution strategy for the upcoming serial adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.



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