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TCR Episode #122 | Brad Thor - RISING TIGER

June 27th, 2022

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor returns to The Crew Reviews to discuss his latest Scot Harvath thriller, RISING TIGER. This is Brad's third appearance on the show.

"With RISING TIGER, Brad Thor continues to astonish, doing the seemingly impossible and raising his game to yet another level. A masterful plot told at a breakneck pace that somehow manages to till fresh ground in a genre where it seemed every doomsday scenario has been explored, reveals a writer at the height of his powers. Pitting Scot Harvath against multiple dangerous enemies against the backdrop of superpowers on a collision course may sound familiar, but Mr. Thor weaves originality in at every turn, in every character, in every locale, creating a thriller as fresh and immediate as any in recent memory. Thor’s writing is like Harvath himself: inventive, efficient and lethal." - Sean Cameron

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