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TCR Episode #55 | H. Ripley “Rip” Rawlings - ASSAULT BY FIRE

October 5th, 2020
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On this episode, the Crew goes behind the scenes with H. Ripley "Rip" Rawlings to discuss his latest debut solo thriller ASSAULT BY FIRE.  A New York Times Bestselling author, Lieutenant Colonel Hunter Ripley "Rip" Rawlings IV, was a Marine Corps infantry and Reconnaissance Officer with 23-years of service. With ten deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, CJTF-HOA, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia to name a few. An Infantry and LAV Reconnaissance Officer, he had additional specialties of military advisor and operations planner. He served in billets from Scout Platoon Commander, LAV Reconnaissance Company Commander, FAST Commander up to Infantry Battalion Commander.

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