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The Crew Reviews Podcast Episode #37 | Tom Colgan - Vice President, Editorial Director at Berkley/Penguin Random House

May 11th, 2020
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In this episode, the Crew Reviews interviews Tom Colgan. Tom Colgan is the Vice President, Editorial Director at Berkley. He started his career at Berkley in 1985. In those days he worked on everything from the novelization of the movie ET: The Extraterrestrial to westerns.  He then spent six years at Avon/Morrow and returned to Berkley as an Executive Editor in 1996. He has worked with such bestselling authors as Ed McBain, Janet Evanovich, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Marc Cameron, and Mark Greaney. Among the New York Times bestselling titles Tom has edited are Last Man Down: A Firefighter’s Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center, Hardcore Twenty-Four, and Tom Clancy Enemy Contact.

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